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Getting proper dog training from the right Denver specialist can mean the difference between living with man’s best friend or your worst nightmare. At Dog Ventures, we understand just how frustrating behavioral problems can be, yet we also realize this is often the result of improper or insufficient training. As the preferred dog training company in the Denver area, we will work with you personally as well as with your dog on a one-on-one basis.

Successful dog training is about developing a strong working relationship between you and your furry friend, with the trainer there for support. You are going to be proud of the results you get from your pup which will encourage it that much more. You love your dog, so let our Denver Dog Trainer take his or her training to the next level and show you the potential that all dogs have to be great pets and protectors.

If you truly want the best for your dog, there really is only one obvious choice to make. Taking care of training is the responsible and caring thing to do and the earlier the better. Don’t keep putting off until tomorrow what our experts could be taking care of for you today; get ready to notice big changes in your dog’s attitude, behavior and approach to circumstances.


Dog & Puppy Training

Dog & Puppy Training

Everyone loves the look and energy of a new little puppy, few people enjoy the lack of discipline once this living creature takes up residence inside your home. This is your new dog, ready, willing and more than capable of being shaped and molded into the perfect companion, yet this is not something that just magically happens on its own. What generally happens is this high strung ball of fur chews through your shoes, needs thorough potty training, barks at everything, terrorizes your other pets and chases the mailman, just to name a few.

Instead of getting frustrated, it is time to get proactive about shaping the behavior into something that will help ensure that your fur baby becomes a productive and loveable member of the household. Puppies can seem like a handful but only when you don’t have the proper professional team to help you get the important training work done. There is no better time than the present to start helping get your new dog on the right tracks and set both of your up for great success for a wonderful relationship for years to come.

Once your dog is out of the puppy stage that doesn’t mean he or she can’t be trained, but it certainly make life easier for you both if you start sooner. The smart thing to do is call give Dog Ventures a call today to find out more about what we offer and how it can improve the life of both you and your dog. Let us show you what a difference it makes to have quality training from industry experts to help you and your new best friend bond and have a fulfilling life together.

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Obedience Training

Denver Dog Behavior Problems

For over a decade now, the Dog Ventures crew has been providing the best in superior quality obedience training in and around the Denver area. One of the main keys to success when it comes to the relationship you build with your dog is how he or she reacts to you. While dog training can still be fun and you should be able to have a playful and loving connection to your canine companion, this should also mean they know how to obey you and your commands.

This will also ensure the safety of other members of your household, people your dog may come into contact with and the safety and well-being of your dog itself. If you want to create a lifelong bond with your dog this is one of the best ways to do so. But there are plenty more benefits to getting quality obedience training, such as easier management for you or whoever may have to care for or work with your dog.

While some dog owners assume their dog will lose his or her sense of friendliness and fun, this could not be further from the truth. Quality training enables your dog to be obedient but also fun and social, but now they will know when which approach is appropriate. This will also make them more social with other dogs and therefore manageable for taking to the dog park.

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Behavior Modification & Problem Behaviors

Dog Problem Behaviors DenverNo matter what age your canine companion is, problematic behaviors can exist for long period of time but can also crop up suddenly. The smallest of changes in your home, lifestyle or routine can play a role and lead to issues like food aggression or furniture chewing, just to name a few. The key to altering this new behavior is getting to the root of why and then working to create a solution through proper training.

One-on-one training is an effective method that allows us to gain an inside view of the world and routine of you and your dog; this helps us to understand how to best over come these existing or new issues. This will also help to strengthen your bond because you are involved in the training exercise as well. The important thing is to never assume you will simply have to learn to live with this behavior when our experts can work with you to help change it.

Every year, too many fine animals are taken to the shelter because the pet owners no longer knew how to cope with a new behavioral problem even though we have the answer and the solution right here. At Dog Ventures we look forward to helping be part of what makes your dog be able to stay with you and have the love and security of being part of one family, for all of its life. Don’t delay, call today and let’s make changes.

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Why Hire Dog Ventures For Your K9 Specialty Training

Dog TrainerWith over 10 plus years of experience offering local dog training services, we have been honored to play a role in helping transform dogs with behavioral problems into well-behaved, well-trained, well adjusted, happy pets. Generally, dogs crave discipline as much as they do attention so it’s about creating a healthy balance and, as a result, developing a healthy and loving union with your furry friend. You will never have as loving and loyal a companion as a well-trained dog.

The key to success is having trainers who are knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and caring, like our team here at Dog Ventures. We believe that dog training and behavior modification is a way of life and not just a list of learned commands. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you and being a part of you and your dog having a long, healthy relationship. Whether you have a brand new pup or an old dog that needs to learn some new tricks, you can count on us. For the best in Denver dog training, rely on Dog Ventures to get the job done.

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